Laura Johnson

I first discovered Bowen when my sensitive border collie fell lame before an agility competition. Having tried other remedial therapies that seemed to cause stress to my dog I was pointed in the direction on Canine Bowen Technique. The practitioner offered me treatment too and the rest is history. This gentle therapy has kept my dogs and I in great condition ever since. It has been instrumental in managing my own chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, and definitely played a role in keeping me energised and free from aches and pains throughout pregnancy. My husband has found that regular Bowen has lessened his Crohn’s disease symptoms and he utilises the treatment as sports injury prevention and general maintenance during the hockey season.

I am based in Ipswich but also offer a mobile clinic to the surrounding areas on a weekly basis. I have a keen interest in the benefits of Bowen Technique in relation to stress relief and youth mental health. Having worked in education for nearly 20 years I have a sound understanding of the stresses and strains our young people experience daily and have seen great responses from adding Bowen Technique into a young person’s ‘diet’. 

I am excited to announce that I will soon be adding Canine Bowen Technique to my treatment offer, so your loyal companions can also benefit from this fantastic holistic therapy. 

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