Kim Pearson

My name is Kim Pearson and I run a Bowen Technique clinic from my clinic in Haddenham, near Ely and Cambridge. 

Let me explain why I believe Bowen Therapy is amazing.

I suffered with chronic back pain and was in agony for years …. until I tried Bowen.

I cracked a vertebrae in my lower back horse riding in 1996. The bone healed, but the muscles, nerves and tendons around the trauma tightened and kept me in constant pain. I had to apply local analgesia each night to the area before I could sleep.

I tried years of physio-therapy, deep tissue massage and medication with no success. Sound familiar?

Then I tried The Bowen Technique. After 3 sessions my back was significantly better. After a couple of repeat visits over the next year the pain was completely gone!

I wanted to learn more about this amazing therapy. When you have had excruciating chronic pain and then it has suddenly just gone, it is a life changing experience. I decided to train to become a Bowen Therapist. 

I am a member of ‘The Bowen Association UK’ and originally trained with ‘The Bowen Technique Academy of Austailia (Bowtech)’

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Tel: 01353 749 429 / 07485091558