Bowen Therapy is like no other therapy – where else can you be relaxed and re-energised all in the same session?

I’ve tried to base my Clinic on chronic pain as having suffered this myself I know the damaging effects pain can have on your physical fitness, your self esteem, your mental & emotional wellbeing and your happiness.  It’s very difficult to feel happy if you are in chronic pain all the time.  Pain can affect your work, your relationships and just about every other aspect of your life!  I find most people come to Bowen as a ‘last resort’ – they have tried ‘everything’ else from massage to physiotherapy, from acupuncture to osteopathy & chiropractic techniques, but Bowen is worth far more than this and should be one of your first ports of call.

As a Bowen Therapist I work on the fascia, just below the skin on top of the muscle.  Your body is covered in a network of connective tissue fibres which criss-cross, cover and connect each part of the body from head to toe – this is similar to a dense spider’s web.  When a Bowen Therapist makes a move over this fascia it sends a signal up to the brain who has to work out what has just happened.  This move will be unlike anything your brain is used to.  It is very gentle & should not hurt – in fact you will feel that not a lot has happened, but your brain needs to ponder on it or respond.  “What was that?”  “Did it hurt?” “Am I injured?” “What feels different?” – your brain needs time to work out what has just taken place.  For that reason, we as Bowen Therapists, leave the room for these changes or adjustments to take place and leave your body to settle.  This goes on all through the treatment – small series of movements take place followed by periods (2 – 4 minutes) of rest.  We, as Bowen Therapists, do not ‘sort your body’ out, rather we facilitate your own body to look inside itself and work out where changes or adjustments need to be made to heal your body.  Quite often your symptoms are camouflaging the real problem, which is why we do not simply treat your symptoms, but rather try to find the root cause of the problem which may be well away from the area you are feeling pain, tightness or other symptoms in.  Bowen therapy is a holistic treatment and we treat the body as a whole.

Most Clients leave my Clinic for the first time wondering ‘what was all that about?’  I reassure them that changes can take place up to 7 days from the first treatment and ask them to come back in a week to 10 days time for another session.  Usually Clients report an improvement in whatever brought them to Clinic, but very occasionally there is no improvement until the third or fourth session.  Sometimes the Bowen can take a while to have an effect on the body, but the treatment is so relaxing and peaceful that almost all Clients leave my treatment room feeling calmer, happier and better able to cope with any symptoms they may still have.

The Bowen Technique is a suitable treatment for all – babies and children right through to the elderly.  It is a very gentle treatment – most treatments take place on the therapy couch, but for children or babies, treatment can take place on the parent’s lap or even on the floor whilst the child is playing.

If Bowen is something you would like to try – please be aware, an improvement in overall health and well-being may be experienced – please get in touch with myself or one of the therapists on this page to book an appointment or for a quick chat about whether this could help you.

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